INTA Quality Management System is formed and implemented according to the policies and targets of our enterprise, customer needs, the services we provide, our scope of business and our experiences.

Our enterprise has gained a wide variety of experiences thanks to the overseas projects it accomplished in different languages and cultures, and by using this experience, by offering quality, cost-effective and on-time services and by believing that human is the key value in creating customer satisfaction, INTA created its quality management system. Documented with ISO 9001:2008 inspections and certificate, our quality assurance is thus introduced to the appreciation of our clients.

Major elements of our Quality Policy are;

- Ensuring continuous enhancement in our services by using information technologies and effective management of resources.

- According to the recommendations and requests from our stakeholders, which we call our clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders, working for providing satisfaction while considering market, competition and environment conditions.

- Based on the knowledge about the definition of “client”, which covers both domestic and foreign clients, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction by providing a systemwhere each party and process actualize its own products or services faultlessly at once, before handing it over to the next.

- Revealing creativity and entrepreneurship in human resource while providing all the employees with the opportunity to increase their personal perfections and ensuring to bring in all-round specialities to them.

- Complying accurately with required standards and legislations in order to fulfil client demands and expectations with our services.

- Continuously enhancing systemeffectiveness by adapting the provisions of our Quality Management System.

- Ensuring high job safety through tighter security and safety plans application.

- Encourage an environment where the importance and essentiality of teamwork is accepted by all employees; working with the approach and conscious of a family with a strong faith in trust,mutual respect, frankness, bidirectional communication, cooperation and collaboration.