INTA's Quality Management (QMS), Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Systems are developed based on international standards and regulations. They play an important part in our business processes and objectives.

We are committed to continuously enhance and improve HSE Systems to ensure that they are effective in achieving our environmental responsibilities. Any hazardous material we use is disposed properly according to stipulated standards and we perform our works in a way so that we eliminate any kind of pollution. We treasure human life and his living quality. Therefore, while enforcing strict work-safety requirements through out the company , we are also training our employees to be respectful to others and the environment.

Being one of the leading companies in telecommunications sector, INTA aims to meet the requirements of Customers by providing products and services at the highest level of quality. To achieve this policy, Company operates a quality management system which has tagged with the QMS Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by TUV. Being aware of having the Certificate is not enough, we are continuously improving the system and its objectives according to our Customer's changing needs. This change process is handled not only by responsible unit but also with contribution of each employee we have, who all are well aware of INTA Corporate Values "Customer Satisfaction" and "Achievement".