Is leading provider of innovative, high quality engineering services and solutions, The company had started operations in 1993 with a vision to provide technology based servicesand has been experiencing an impressive sustained growth ever since


Roll-Out Management

ROM Services is a wide ranging management/consultancy service offering to Customers. It encompasses all necessary services, under the guidelines of INTA Project Management Procedures and world famous PMI, PMBOK®, to manage a Turnkey Telecom Project on behalf of our Customer until Operator's Final Acceptance. It also includes all services to support installation, commissioning, integration and acceptance of the elements bodying a mobile telecommunications network. INTA defines ROM Services as its one of the "Core Businesses".

Telecom Implementation

TI Services are the other "Core Business" of INTA provided to Customers. In the regions we operate, INTA is dedicated to keep a pool of highly competent engineers/technicians with proven records of project completion experience. TI Services are divided into two sub-groups, namely, NSS (Switching-Core) and RAN (Radio Access Networks) under which both are served.

Care Services

Care Services are grouped under three topics. First Line Maintenance Service provides a rapid response to network failures by our properly equipped competent manpower force, while regular network maintenance tasks are being performed. Second Line Maintenance Services ensures that, with expert class employees, troubleshooting tasks that need high level of competence are performed. Network Operations Centre Service sustains proper functioning of the Operators' network by effectively directing maintenance teams to resolve failures while managing requests generated through subscribers' needs.


Mostly given to Operators, INTA combines its knowledge and expertise in delivering tailor made consultancy and management services to determine the criteria, collect data, plan, and organise investment activities, locally and abroad. With this, Customers enjoy smooth deployment of challenging, complex investment projects in terms of risks, economics, financials, models and planning.

Early Ramp Up Project

ERP Services is a subset of ROM services that needs special attention. Regardless of its nature, every project start is a very hectic time and needs strong commitment to short term targets that will be the basis of a well established and smooth functioning project. In durations like these, INTA provides country study, mobilization and project preparation (processes, guidelines, sample/trial installations) services with its rapid mobilizing and flexible ERP team having multilingual and multicultural skills.

Resource Management

We understand our Customers' project needs very well. These needs also include manpower requirements to cover peaks and times of expertise during the projects. Therefore, INTA's expert employee pool, together with dependable external resources, is ready at service. Being a respected employer, we are in a good position to supply competent resources, either by employing or by contracting, to such demanding projects.

Civil Works

CW Services are provided to Customers through our subsidiaries and partnerships together with our supervision capabilities. INTA has the capabilities of sourcing both materials (towers, shelters, poles and the like) and construction services for turnkey projects

Site Acquisition

Site Acquisition and Permitting Services are dependent to various local factors, such as real estate market, land and property owners, local building and environmental regulations in a country. INTA has the experience and knowledge of how to deliver the best possible service in terms of speed, capacity, site portfolio and financial considerations.